We believe God wants everyone in the church to come to ever increasing measures of maturity and completeness in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:13-16). Here at Crosspoint, we call that becoming a Partner and we want everyone at our church to eventually make that commitment.


Partners are more than just members of a church. They are committed to ongoing spiritual maturity and partnership in the cause of Jesus. When you become a Partner, you sign the Partners Covenant and commit to live out each of the 7 PARTNER declarations. Click HERE for a copy of the PARTNERS COVENANT.  Partners are vitally important to the spiritual health of our church.  Partners recognize the central priority of Jesus and the gospel in every part of our lives and endeavor through the Holy Spirit to live God-honoring lives.


We've chosen the term PARTNERS rather than MEMBERS so that people who join the church understand that it's more than just becoming a member, like you would at a health club, an online social networking site, or business organization.  Joining the church as a PARTNER means you partner together with other believers to help accomplish the mission we believe God has given us:  all kinds of people discovering and following Jesus!


We offer Partners classes a few times a year.  These classes succinctly spell out our Partnership Covenant to which all Partners commit.  Becoming a Partner is an important decision for you individually and for our church collectively.





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